A new course on "Lasers and their Applications" has been developed by Rami Arieli for Grades 11-12, and college level.

Learn about laser applications :

Daily Use Bar Code Scanner, Compact Disc, Laser Printer

Military Laser Range finder, Laser Weapons

Medical Surgery, Diagnostic, Photo Dynamic Therapy

Industry Measurements, Cutting, Welding, Photolithography

Science Laser Fusion, Laser Cooling of Atoms, Short Pulses

Special Applications Optical Fibers, Laser, Gyroscope, Holograms

A book was written (in Hebrew), explaining the basic physical principles of laser operation, describing many types of lasers, and many applications of lasers.
The motivation for this course was to use the newly developed technologies to attract students to science, make science relevant by demonstrating every day applications, and explain basic ideas in "modern physics".

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